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Cows are Vegetarians details
A book for kids that explores the reasons for being a vegetarian. The site also offers a browser-based "cowloring" book.
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My Marissa details
Page features ordering information for my novel "My Marissa" about a mother rabbit who inspires an environmental study while struggling to keep her family together when her home is threatened.
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Robin Robertson's Cookbooks details
Gourmet vegetarian cookbooks and recipes by chef Robin Robertson.
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Ten Talents details
Vegetarian cookbooks, charts and videos teach how to prepare and combine natural, whole foods and use natural remedies.
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The Vegetarian Epicure details
Anna Thomas's vegetarian cookbooks, and sample recipes.
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Vegan Recipes by Rachel Henderson details
This electronic recipe book contains 100 delicious vegan recipes and is designed mainly for people who do not know how to cater for vegetarians or vegans.
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Vegetarian books - price comparison details
A free service to find books and compare prices online. The link goes to the vegetarian book section of priceOwl.
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Vegetarianism: Movement or Moment? details
Deals with contemporary vegetarian and vegan movement and the reasons why people adopt such a lifestyle.
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Veggie Life details
Every issue features exciting tips, techniques, recipes and and great new ways to prepare creative plant based cuisine, implement diet programs, and use healing foods for an improved and vibrant lifestyle.
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Vital Village details
Books, videos and information dedicated to vegetarian meals and herbal remedies.
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