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Vegetarian Articles
While a vegetarian diet is among the healthiest ways to eat, certain nutrients can be lacking on a diet that contains no animal products at all. In particular, many people are concerned that vegans may not get enough protein, calcium and iron from plant-based foods. This is because most people think of eating dairy products for calcium and meats for iron and protein. But it is possible to consume adequate amounts of these nutrients on vegetarian diet. It just takes bit of effort and knowledge about plant-based sources the nutrients [...]
Avoid Processed Food Sources
The very first thing that you must note as a vegetarian is that you should still be avoiding all processed foods just like anyone else. One big mistake many vegetarians make is filling their diet full of high carbohydrate foods that are overly processed and full of simple sugars. Basically, they turn to packaged convenience foods because they know it doesn't contain any meat.
But, in doing so, they send their blood sugar levels soaring, their energy levels crashing, and often experience weight gain because the calories add up quickly.
Instead, make sure to focus on non-processed forms of vegetarian foods such as porridge oats, brown rice, quinoa, barley, and fresh fruits and vegetables [...]
It always used to be meat and two veggies was the standard, and it may be an long-standing habit that will most likely be around for a long time still. Then again, with the choices of vegetarian foods becoming bigger and many vegetarian recipes out there, it is so much easier to get ready and provide scrumptious, mouth watering cuisine that do not have any meat in them at all.
Meat as a main element in meals can be quite limiting. With vegetarian cooking however, it is so much easier to serve up buffet-style food that match each other and have a much wider selection on the table. People can help themselves to the lineup of vegetarian foods and garnishes to their likes and dislikes. [...]
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